Google News now shows live scores and sports highlights in latest update


Google News has a new update that many sports lovers might find very interesting. To keep you abreast of latest soccer, NBA, and other sports score, the news app is adding live score. It means you can get latest live scores as they happen in addition to getting the latest news on your phone via the app.

The feature has started showing up for a few users, but you might have to wait a bit longer to get it—and of course, you should know how Google releases updates to users.

As soon as you browse any sports team’s page on the app, you will see three tabs, which used to be two. The first tab has now been updated to show a large thumbnail for the latest game played as well as score, timeline to view past games, and upcoming schedule. To view regular news on Google News, you can scroll past those items. In addition, the match thumbnail has a video highlight, which is within the tab. Tapping the thumbnail will enable you to see series of highlight videos that play with sound, and you can adjust the volume on the top right to mute the sound.

The second tab, which is also new, contains the team’s last game and upcoming schedule for months to come. Android Police reports that the new feature is different from what you have in Google Search where you can scroll back to view previous matches that have been played. The third and final tab, updates you with current player roster—this remains unchanged from what it was before the update.

The Dark Theme wildfire that seems to be blowing across all Google apps has also caught up with Google News. The popular news app is now wearing a beautiful new look [dark theme], and you now have the option of turning it on when you go to the Settings. I gave it a try, and the look and feeling of the app got me really excited.

A couple of months ago; May precisely, Google News changed its name from Google Newsstand to what we now call it. Alongside a name change came some other cool features that includes AI integration.

Google News was so vastly improved during that makeover that it came with customizable experience as the AI elements learns from what you read often. Layout is so well-designed that virtually anyone can find their way around the app in only a short time.

Once you open Google News app, you will be greeted with the tailored “For You” tab that acts as a quick guide. This tab serves you with the top five stories currently trending as well as a selection of opinion articles and longer reads below it.

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