Google Messages will let you pinch to zoom to adjust font size

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Image Credit: PC Mag

Google’s popular messaging app Google Messages has welcomed a new update. The new feature allows you to adjust the font size using pinch to zoom. The new pinch to zoom feature is now available in the latest version of Google Messages.

Before now, users could not change the system font size while sending a message with the app. While this is possible by simply changing the system font, this method only limits your ability to change to either a larger or smaller font for all your apps.

Based on the latest update, you can now instantly increase or decrease the font size. According to Reddit users, the new pinch to zoom feature is available to users who have the version of the app updated to v8.3.026 or above.

In other news, Messages, which has become one of the most dominant messaging apps on mobile, is currently working on two new important features. The two new features, which are still being tested according to XDA Developers, are part of what makes Telegram and WhatsApp popular.

Pinned Conversations: as the name suggests, will let you pin up to three [that number could change] conversations at the top of your list for quick and easy access. This makes it easy to search for your most accessed conversations.

Starred Messages: is the second upcoming feature that is still being tested. With this, you will be able to bookmark messages across conversations. These messages will be accessible through the search bar and maybe a dedicated section in the overflow menu of Google Messages. Starred Messages will also carry a star badge for easier and quicker identification.

The two features are still being tested, and no exact official date has been set for full release. However, when released, they will bring Google Messages almost at the level of WhatsApp and Telegram.

About this time last year, Google updated its Messages app with a number of new features including the ability to tap and hold a message to reply with an emoji reaction. This feature is only new to Messages, but not to Facebook Messenger where users have long had the chance to reply with emoji.

Emoji reactions was added along with four other features. To use the emoji reaction, simply tap and hold the message you want to react to and a short list of cool animated emoji will pop up for you to choose from. This feature, however, only works when RCS is turned on your phone.

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