Google Messages Nudge Feature — Nudging You to Answer a Text You Forgot

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Do you always forget to respond to a text message? If you do, then the next Google Messages might just be the solution you need.

You’re busy. Because of that, you forget to respond to a text message, even if it’s from a special person in your life. Google knows it and it wants to improve your ability to reply to a text message. 

Google Automating Messages 

Google wants to take advantage of one of Gmail’s features, i.e. to ensure communication feels more automated. 

Like Gmail Nudge

Back in 2018, Google rolled out Nudge on Gmail. It’s designed to assist you in replying to emails you have missed or ignored because Google thinks that you’re a procrastinator. 

It’s like a snoozed email. However, it happens on its own. If Gmail thinks that you should act on a message, the said message could go up to the top of your inbox. 

The message includes a highlighted message that tells you how long you have received it. It’s just one of Google’s AI features. 

Gmail Nudge is enabled by default. If you don’t like it because you just want to be that lazy person, you can disable it in settings. 

Google also realized that people don’t communicate with their friends on Gmail. For that reason, it’s bringing the Nudge feature to its Messages. 

The feature was first spotted by XDA Developers. It’s not live yet. However, the recent beta for Google Message includes strings that could point to an automated reminder that might be coming to the app. 

When it’s enabled, nudges will present you with the conversations you need to reply to. Just like Gmail Nudge, the conversations will be moved to the top of the inbox. That is, even if you have opened and read the message, it will still appear on top. 

Conversations that need a follow-up response will also go to the top of the app. 

However, if you don’t want to be bothered with those messages, you can just disable the feature. It means that reminding you of an unanswered Message will be an option for your inbox. 

The Google Messages Nudge feature isn’t live yet, as mentioned earlier. Google hasn’t released any statement yet as to when this feature will be available to all or if it will even go live. 

If you’re the type of person who always forgets to reply to a friend’s message or your mom’s message, then this upcoming feature could be really helpful. 

It’s also not clear how the company will categorize messages that need a follow-up. Since it’s from Google, it could be using an AI or machine learning to identify intelligently times, locations, and dates. 

Currently, you can set manual reminders for messages that you have yet to follow up on by pressing, holding, and choosing a time to snooze it. However, some users might have forgotten about this feature. That’s why it’s tempting to automate some of the conversations and make Messages do the work for you.

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