Google Meet welcomes new features, including increased participant limit

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Google Meet has welcomed a couple of new features, including an increased participant limit, which has now been upgraded to 150. This and other elements are part of the new updates rolled out by Google recently.

According to Google, individual Google Meet subscribers will soon welcome an expanded participant limit of 150 and the chance to assign more than one co-host to meetings. 

A new transcript feature that lets you go back to review what was said in a lengthy meeting and the Q&A function will also be added in the coming days.

“If you’re a Google Workspace Individual user, you can now take advantage of several new Meet features and enhancements. We hope these updates make it easier for you to connect and collaborate with your customers and stakeholders, continuing to drive your business forward.”

Also added is the ability to see everyone who has been invited to a meeting but has not yet joined the call. The new Guest List feature allows you to see their RSVP status, including “optional” and RSVP notes.

All newly added features are already rolling out to individual Google Meet users, but it might take a couple of more days to attain a global rollout.

Last June, Google Meet added support for dedicated whiteboard cameras. This is a great addition considering how expensive a Jamboard and other touchscreens can be.

With this addition, Google Meet will now easily integrate with Logitech Scribe. The support means content written on a physical whiteboard in a room can now be shared as a presentation in a meeting using the Logitech Scribe. With this, participants in a remote meeting will be able to see what is being drawn on a meeting room whiteboard.

While there is no admin control for the new feature, admins will have the option of setting a default whiteboard camera in the Admin console if they want to receive alerts when it goes offline.

To set a default peripheral camera, follow these steps:

Go to Menu > Devices > Google Meet hardware > Devices

Some features may require the Manage Devices privilege for Google Meet hardware. In the Connected Peripherals section, select the peripheral you want to set as the default and click “Set As Default.”

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