Google Maps starts rolling out parking availability for some users

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Google Maps


Google Maps is one app loved by a lot of people. Millions of people find the app so useful they can barely plan their daily routine without it. You can’t really blame them because the app has so many useful features; and is even getting better with Google’s plan to add a new feature to help users with information on what kind of parking to expect at their destination.

First spotted by Android Police, the feature is currently being tested by a handful of users. The latest addition gives you estimates on how difficult it will be when trying to find a space at different public locations.

The new feature offers three levels to users—Easy, Medium, and Limited. Google Maps will display a small icon next to the route’s duration and distance along with one of the three levels. However, you can view more information by entering the route’s written directions that will also explain what parking conditions to expect. Obviously, the new feature will only manifest when you are visiting those public places you often visit, including, airports, stores, and other attractions.

Though, currently only available to a handful of users of the app, the new feature has started showing up for more users on Maps v9.44 beta. It is not exactly clear if the feature has gone live globally or just within the US; but I am sure it won’t be long until we all get to find out everything we need to know about it.

Last November, Google Maps rolled out a new feature that can estimate how busy a place is in real time. The feature can check how busy or slow things are in a particular place, and help users plan their movement.

Google Maps Parking Info


A couple of days back, Google announced that the latest version of Google Maps on both Android and iOS will let you request a ride from Uber without exiting the app. Until now, users could only use the app [Maps] to check for price estimates and start the process of getting a lift, but couldn’t go beyond that. If a user wanted a ride, all he needed to do then was exit the app, and access the Uber app. With the new update, all you have to do is to sign up with your Uber account info, and complete the process.

Google Maps is also spotting a new look as you can now see more types of ride options and more actionable information. When you open ride services mode, you will see the map you know and love as well as a carousel of ride service providers in your area. This is quite different from what we had in the past where you are presented with a long list of ride providers and ride options. To see a complete list of ride options and special in your area, simply tap on your preferred provider.

Lately, Google has been adding some exciting new features to make the app more appealing to everyone.

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