Google Maps quietly adds a new feature that help you remember where you parked

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Google Maps


Google has quietly updated its Maps app with a new feature that helps you remember where you parked. With the latest update, all you need to do is park your car, open Google Maps, and tap on the blue location dot. Google will then present you with a new menu offering “save your parking” that lets you store all the info you need to find your car, reports ArsTechnica.

The new interface will not only save your current location; it will also add a big “P” icon on the map. The dot location can be adjusted to include, photos and notes to your parking lot. Google also added a “Time Left” field if there is a parking space; this will let you set “time left” that will count down the time remaining.

Once relevant info has been provided, you will get a notification from Google Maps, reminding you that you have a saved parking location. The “P” notification will remain until you hit the “Clear” button or until you save a different parking spot.

To use the new feature, you will have to upgrade your Google Maps on Android to v9.49.

Google Maps is one app loved by a lot of people. Millions of people find the app so useful they can barely plan their daily routine without it. You can’t really blame them because the app has so many useful features; and is even getting better these days as Google continue to add new features. Google started rolling out parking availability in January, and the feature keeps getting better.

In February, Google started rolling out shareable lists feature to Maps app. Google announced that one of its popular features on Google Maps, important places, will be expanded to make the app work and feel more like social. Google said the new shareable feature will let users to save locations to a number of lists and then share them with friends and family directly within the Maps app.

You can share your favorite spots across different social networks, popular messaging apps, email, and via text messages. The new feature offers a lot of fun—and as a matter of fact, “you can tap the share button to get a link and start flexing your local knowledge muscles” when your friends and families come into town. As soon as a link is sent out to your friends and families, they can tap “Follow” to pull up the list from Your Places whenever they need.

Every list you follow using the feature goes with you everywhere you take the Google Maps app to, and can also be viewed on mobile and desktop, as well as offline. You can even plan ahead of your next trip by downloading offline maps of the area in advance. This enables you to see all the places that have been added by you on the map.

Saved locations in the list will appear on the map as long as you keep using Google Maps.


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