Google Maps makes it easier to hail an Uber without leaving the app

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Want an easier way to hail an Uber? Google has a new update for you—and it’s through its Google Maps. Google has updated its popular map app, Google Maps, and you can now hail an Uber ride without leaving the app.

The company on Thursday announced that the latest version of Google Maps on both Android and iOS will let you request a ride from Uber without exiting the app. Until now, users could only use the app [Maps] to check for price estimates and start the process of getting a lift, but couldn’t go beyond that. If a user wanted a ride, all he needed to do then was exit the app, and access the Uber app. With the new update, all you have to do is to sign up with your Uber account info, and complete the process.

“”Once you sign into your existing Uber account (or create one), you can book an Uber ride, track your driver on the map, and connect with your driver—all from within the Google Maps app,” Google’s Senior Product Manager, Sara McKinley Torti said on Thursday in a blog post.

Google Maps is also spotting a new look as you can now see more types of ride options and more actionable information. When you open ride services mode, you will see the map you know and love as well as a carousel of ride service providers in your area. This is quite different from what we had in the past where you are presented with a long list of ride providers and ride options. To see a complete list of ride options and special in your area, simply tap on your preferred provider.

Good alternative to the Uber app? Maybe or maybe not; but anything that helps a user hail a ride without the pain should be a welcome development.

Google Maps has stepped up the gear in recent times, with Google adding some exciting new features to make the app more appealing to everyone. Last November, the company updated the app to provide estimate of how busy a place is in real time. The tech giant also added details for stores with separate opening hours for their different departments. With this information, you can avoid going to the store’s hardware section only to find out that it is still closed and will only open two hours after.

With more than 40 million people using the Uber app globally, the company probably now has more jobs on its hands to keep that number growing, especially with the today’s update on Google Maps.

On its part, Uber announced a major redesign of its app; promising to build its business right from scratch. Uber’s newly redesigned app is faster and more stable than the current app, for some smartphones at least. In the new design, the third-party services are found in a scrollable window of tiles. Among other things, the newly redesigned Uber app, you can choose the type of ride you prefer, like premium or economy.

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