Google Maps Will Soon Give You Details of COVID Vaccination Sites

Do you find it difficult to find a COVID-19 vaccination site? Google Maps offers a solution. Read on to find out more.

Google Maps will get an update soon. And the update will include COVID-19 vaccination sites. Once the update is available, you will soon see where the COVID-19 vaccination is available. 

This feature will become open first in the US before it will expand in other countries. The rollout will happen in the coming weeks. 

It will start in Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. 

Google said that “vaccines near me” increased 5x since the start of the year. By implementing this feature, Google can provide its users with relevant answers. 

What Other Information You Will Find on Google Maps About COVID Vaccination Sites? 

Google Maps will not only show you where to get vaccines near you but the results will also give you details regarding the site. 

For instance, do you need to make an appointment before going there? It will also show if the vaccine is only given to certain groups. 

The Internet search giant is collaborating with authoritative sources to get the information. These sources would include retail pharmacies and local governments. 

More than 60% of Americans don’t know where and when to get the vaccine. 

The current US president promised that the rollout will be improved. His office aimed to provide 100 million doses of the said vaccine in his first 100 days in office. 

Meanwhile, Google announced that it will donate $100 million in ad grants to several organizations to run a campaign about the virus. 

Google said that it’s committed to doing its part in providing people with the right information about the vaccines. 

Some of Google’s facilities will open for vaccination efforts. It will help improve the rollout of the vaccine. Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks are also doing the same. 

When to Get the Vaccine? 

The COVID 19 vaccine is mostly available to people who are at greater risk of serious complications if they contract the said disease. 

The government prioritizes those who are working in an environment where they are at high risk of catching the virus. 

For now, the government can’t provide the vaccine to everyone at the same time. 

Scientists are still gathering and studying the data and the virus’s behavior as more and more people gained immunity.

You’ll need two doses of the vaccine. 

The first dose will give you up to 90% protection in three weeks of the first dose. It takes time for it to take effect. 

In that case, you must not assume that you’re 100% protected after the first dose. 

The second dose or the booster dose will be administered not more than 12 weeks after getting your first dose. 

Once vaccinated, you’re less likely to spread COVID-19 to others. Then again, it’s still a new disease. Scientists are still gathering data about the virus and its variants. 

In a study, some people who had this infection showed signs that they could still carry and spread the virus after their bodies developed antibodies.

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