Google Maps adds a new “Go” tab so you can pin your frequent destinations

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Google Maps has added a new “Go” that allows you to pin your frequent destinations and transit routes. The new addition consists of today’s “Commute” section and significantly enlarges the feature. You can find it between “Explore” and “Saved where it shows a subway/train and car.

Now, with a single tap, you can easily “navigate to frequently-visited places with just one tap.” Unlike what is being replaced, you are able to save more locations than just home and work. This also helps to reduce the number of times you manually type or pan around, reports 9to5google.

You can add your favorite destinations for regular and easy access to an estimated time of arrival, live traffic trends, and warnings about disruptions in your route. Google also adds a short cut to “Start” navigation to each saved place. Public transit riders on the other hand, can also pin specific routes to see departure and arrival times, as well as ETAs and any alert from local agencies.

A couple of months ago, Google Maps welcomed a feature that lets you pay for parking within the app. The feature, which is in partnership with Passport, made its debut in Austin, and Texas. Google’s partnership with Passport, a transportation software company, will enable people in those two cities to pay for parking directly from Google Maps.

Drivers will now have the option to pay for parking with Google Pay as they approach their destination. This can be done while navigating with Google Maps on iOS and Android. You can also visit to pay directly from your phone’s browser.

Maps users in select cities can now see icons for traffic lights at intersections in yet another new feature added by Google. This feature according to CNN, is already available on Apple Maps.

Within the year also, Google Maps launched a feature that allows you to easily locate where bike sharing stations are. With data provided by Ito World, you can locate a bike sharing stations, which now makes everything easier. This is commendable considering how safe it is to ride a bike to your destination in this period where social distancing has very much become a part of our daily life.

Ito World provides you with information on where to find a bike sharing station, the number of bikes there, and whether or not there is an empty space waiting for you to dock your bike when you get to your destination. Google says there has been a 69 percent increase in the number of people requesting for cycling directions made through Maps; with the number spiking in June.

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