Google Lens can now provide info about arts and stories behind them

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Google Lens is now equipped with the ability to provide you with more information about arts and designs, and the artists behind them. This is coming as a result of a new collaboration between Google and Wescover, a San Francisco-based startup building a catalog of local artists and their works.

Wescover said it is collaborating with Google to provide Google Lens with information about art and design installation. That is taking the AI-powered lens to a new height with the ability to provide enough information about art works.

According to Business Wire, “Google Lens is now able to reveal the exact match of the artist and the story behind their art in spaces like hotels, restaurants, and city streets.” To this end, an initial map of art pieces in the whole of San Francisco have now been curated by Wescover that you can look up when using Google Lens.

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How it works: Once you spot a piece on the map, all you need to do is to launch Lens, point the camera at the piece, and an exact match of the original artwork will be provided.

You will be showed among several others, information such as who made what, and how to connect with the artist. The lists of what you can discover is a bit limited for now, but more content will become available globally as Wescover continues to publish content to Google Lens in due course.

If you love the chair at the Ace Hotel, it’ll take hard work to find the exact same product. While another blue chair may look similar, it won’t have the same quality, materials, or story,” says Rachely Esman Wescover’s co-founder and CEO per Business Wire.

Barely two months ago, Google rolled out a revamped Lens—and it comes with five new modes including Dining, Shopping, Text, Translate and Auto. The new modes can be accessed via Google Assistant and Google Photos.

The Shopping mode comes in very handy when you are in a mall. With it, you can scan barcodes or automatically recognize items like furniture or clothing to check them out online. The Dining mode, just as it sounds, comes very handy when you could do with some tips when you are in a restaurant.

The Text mode allows you to point Lens to any text in order to copy it. This addition will further make Lens more useful as it will come in handy not just when it comes to searching by image, but by text too.

All newly added shopping modes appear at the bottom of the screen as carousel, while a shutter button freezes the image to start automatic recognition. At the top right corner of your screen is an icon that lets you pick an existing image from your phone’s gallery to have it analyzed.

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