Google+ Launches Video Auto Enhance Feature

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Do you often use Google+ to post videos? There is good news for you as the service has launched new and exciting tools as videos posted on Google+ will be flagged by its automated system that can be enhanced with improved stability, colour correction, and lighting enhancements. You may however, have to wait for a future date to see improvements made on the voice quality.

“We’re all taking more videos than ever before, thanks to our mobile devices, but some of them turn out less than stellar (yes, it happens to us all). But starting today, you can make your videos look and sound better with Google+.

“I’m excited to announce that now, with one click, you can enhance the lighting, color, stability, and (coming soon) speech in your videos,” writes Tim St. Clair of Google+”


Once a video is uploaded on Google+, it will be analysed by a backend system, and you will be auto-alerted when any enhancement can be applied. However, you can manually apply enhancements by simply opening the “More” menu and selecting “auto-enhance.”

“When we think we can make improvements, desktop Web users will see a banner asking whether you’d like to preview enhancements.”

For Android users, the only option available is the semi-separate Google+ Photos app. This can be used by opening a single video, pressing the menu button, and them pressing the “auto-enhance.”

One of the functions of the new video enhancement tool you are going to love is the side-by-side comparison. As soon as you select the auto-enhance option, the unedited video and the enhanced video will show in a side-by-side preview. This is a very useful way to immediately make up your mind whether or not you want to edit the video or leave it just the way it is. However, it is important to check out the framing resolution as the stability enhancements could affect the quality of the video.

“The preview will show an instant side-by-side comparison so you can choose to apply changes or stick with the original.”

The good thing is all changes are reversible, and you can opt out of the service anytime you choose to.

Google+ may be miles away from competing with Facebook, but its recent changes and updates are steering it towards the right direction. Recall that the company did similar thing for photos. This new feature is the latest addition the service is introducing to Auto Enhance, which was highly publicized by the company during its release in 2013.

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Author: Firdaus

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