Google launches online history archive Cultural Institute in Warsaw, Poland

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In view of human beings’ continuous need to know more about our history, Google has launched its “Cultural Institute”, an online collection of 20th Century landmark events and personalities. The archive was created in conjunction with 17 museums and institutes from around the world. According to Google’s Mark Yoshitaka who was speaking during the launch in Warsaw, Poland, Google aims to bring to use its expertise in mapping, products and services, in the cultural sector.


Google’s Cultural Institute provides a virtual archive of historical events and personalities that might otherwise be missed by generations to come.

Legends such as young Jewish-Dutch Holocaust victim Anne Frank, whose diary details her experiences and former South African President and freedom icon Nelson Mandela are widely chronicled in the online “museum”. The over 6 million archived documents, texts, letters, pictures and videos were received from such museums as the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland and the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory.

Aside from historical figures and events, the Google team is also working with organisations worldwide to present thousands of art works online through what they call the Art Project. The wonders of the world will also be chronicled through their Wonders of the World project as well as a showcase of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

These projects by Google are evidence to the innumerable ways in which we can use technology for humanity’s good. Remembering where we have come from is out gateway to setting the right pathways for our future. Even though the archive currently has only 42 themes, it is set to expand greatly over the coming years.

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Author: Elizabeth Njuguna

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