Google is testing ‘Explore Outfits’ and ‘Shop Similar’ features in Search

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Image Credit: Wired

Google Search is testing a new visual search feature for shoppers. Per Twitter user Khushal Bherwani, the search engine giant appears to be testing a new “Explore Outfit and Shop Similar” box. This new feature, which of course, has not been officially announced yet, shows very large images that slide into other images.

Big tech companies are now embracing ecommerce, which seems to be what millions of people want these days. As a matter of fact, the pandemic era was one that social media companies like Pinterest, Instagram and the likes used to good advantage.

Google Search has never hidden its desire to embrace ecommerce, and offer people opportunity to shop within its search page. The new Explore Outfits as posted by Khushal, is just another of Google’s effort to further consolidate its grip on online shopping.

In 2018, the search giant updated the way consumers discover events in Search by adding features that can help them to personalize results. This will enable Google provide important information about events within users’ search results.

When you search for an event and tap on it, Google will present an overview that shows details that include ticket, cost, venue reviews, time, and location. The new feature gives you the option of either saving events for later, or clicking through to buy tickets via various vendors that have signed up with Google including Ticketmaster and StubHub.

The update covered all types of events including, concerts, museum happenings, local festivals, and cooking classes. Among items that you can search for include, events near me, or free concert. To give you a broader view, however, a returned lists that contain different sites will be made available.

A ‘For You’ tab was also been added by Google to help you get personalized ideas for things to do nearby. In addition, you will also be seeing trending and popular events in your local area to keep you abreast of latest happenings.

Lately, Google added new vehicle ads placement on Search. The new addition will allow the search engine giant to show nearby cars for sale, and will also provide more direct connection from the search results.

“For example, if someone searches for a 2019 SUV, they’ll see several vehicle options they can either purchase nearby or get delivered – along with pictures and inventory information like location, make, model, price and mileage. Once they select a car, the ad will direct them to the vehicle description page on your website where they can fill out a lead form or get your dealership’s contact information,” Google said in a post.

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