Google is rolling out a new text-to-image tool called ImageFX

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Users in several countries can now generate images in Bard, according to Google. This is because Google is adding some new updates to its generative AI product.

Google has added a new tool called ImageFX, which has a new interface that features “expressive chips.” The idea behind this is to help users quickly experiment with adjacent dimensions of their creations and ideas.

Google also said that it has improved MusicFX and TextFX, while also making upgrades to the MusicLM model that include faster music generation and higher-quality audio.

Generated songs, according to Google, can now last up to 70 seconds, while TextFX now features usability updates with the aim of improving navigation and the overall user experience.

Images generated by ImageFX will be tagged with SynthID, which is a digital watermark that aims to make it clear that they are forged using AI, especially when they appear in Search or Chrome.

Google also said ImageFX creations will also include IPTC metadata, which will offer “people more information whenever they encounter our AI-generated images

These new tools are now available to a select market, including the US, Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia, and are only available in English for now.

A couple of days ago, Google launched three new generative AI features for its Chrome browser. The new features will provide automated assistance to help users improve their experience while using Chrome.

Google is expanding its generative AI wallpaper option to enable users to create their own custom backgrounds.

All you have to do to access the new feature in the Customize Chrome side panel is tap Change and then create with AI. After that, you can type in any text prompt to see what kind of background Chrome suggests.

Additionally, Google is enhancing Chrome with a writing tool. This will improve your ability to reply to messages and queries.

Google has also added a new process that will suggest topic groups for your open tabs and help sort them automatically, if that is what you want.

The process is designed to sort all your open tabs and provide names for each group to help you keep track of each element.

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