Google is reportedly facing another antitrust case in India

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Google seems to be facing an endless list of antitrust probes–and a new one is coming from a familiar place–India. Per Reuters, Google is facing a new case in the smart TV market.

According to the report, there are allegations of serious abuse of dominance in the smart TV market. The tech giant has allegedly abused its Android OS’ position in the smart TV market, citing a source and two lawyers involved in the case.

The Competition Commission of India, according to Reuters, has been looking into allegations of Google engaging in anti-competitive practices since June. The source says the company has been creating hurdles for firms wanting to use or develop modified versions of Android for smart TVs. 

The case was filed by Kshitiz Arya and Purushottam Anand, two antitrust lawyers. Both lawyers, though, declined to make further comments other than confirming that a case has been filed against Google for alleged abuse in the smart TV market.

The source said the Competition Commission of India has directed Google to submit its response to the allegation in writing. The company, however, has asked for more time to do so.

So far, there is nothing to suggest that this would be taken further than it is. However, Google’s response whenever it comes could either lead to a further probe or make the CCI to drop the case.

Like I mentioned earlier, Google has a list of antitrust probes hanging around its neck. In 2019, the WSJ reported that the US Department of Justice was planning to initiate an antitrust probe into the activities of Google as it relates to Search, which it later started later that year. Just last June, reports that the US Department of Justice was preparing to file a suit against Google. 

The Department of Justice was requesting information by the end of June from concerned companies. Citing sources with inside information about the matter, the report adds that details of what the information would contain are not known. 

Google has a history with antitrust and regulatory bodies in different countries across the world. From Europe, to India, and now the United States; the search giant is always in the eyes of the storm.

The India antitrust watchdog had in 2019 investigated Google whether it was abusing its Android dominant position to hurt rivals. Citing two sources familiar with the matter, Reuters had reported back then that Google was being investigated over its Android operating system blocking its rivals. The investigation into Android affairs began in 2018 after the Competition Commission of India (CCI) declared there that the accusation against Google had merit.

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