Google is making it possible to call other users within the Gmail app

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Not only is Google’s Gmail the most popular free email service in the world; the mobile app version is arguably one of the most downloaded. The mobile app has evolved over the years, and Google keeps adding new updates to make it even better. On Wednesday, Google announced some new Workspace features—the ability to “ring” another Google user with Google Meet.

What this means is that you will be able to ring other Google users within the Meet feature in the Gmail mobile app. It is just like using or making VOIP to make a call; and this is in addition to being able to join Google Meet meetings. Google also confirmed that its Meet app will welcome the ability to make calls in addition to being used to create meetings—but this functionality will not launch until a later date.  

“Soon I’ll be able to call members of my team directly from a one-to-one chat. This will ring their device running the Gmail mobile app and send a call chip to our chat on their laptop, so they can easily answer from any device. It’s not quite the same as a spontaneous hallway conversation, but it might be the next best thing in a hybrid setting,” wrote Sanaz Ahari, Senior Director of Product Management.

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In June, the web version of the email service welcomed some amazing changes—with Google turning it into a communication hub. Video calls, chat, and Google Docs functionalities are now in one place.

What that means is that Google Wokspace is now available to everyone—the Gmail navigation has now been streamlined. Before then, we had Chat, Rooms, Mail, and Meet—and these were revealed when you expand the navigation drawer.

The new navigation rail is like what we have in Photos—with round buttons for Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet. Once you tap into a view, a new drawer appears to the right of with familiar navigation.

You can change your status in the top right corner as soon as the new interface is enabled. Once you click, you will be presented with options to switch from “automatic” to “do not disturb” and “set as away.”

In 2020, the Gmail mobile app welcomed a new tab  that will allow you to host and join a meeting. Recall that a similar feature that allows you to host and join a meeting on the web version of the email service was launched a couple of weeks before the mobile version.

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