Google is Launching Game-Streaming Platform Stadia to Let You Play Anywhere

Google is Launching Game-Streaming Platform Stadia to Let You Play Anywhere


Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced it is joining the entire gaming industry by introducing a live-streaming platform called Stadia. It will launch this year.

Stadia will allow gamers to play their favorite games anywhere sans hefty GPUs. Gamers can use the service on any device that has a Chrome browser and Internet connection. In other words, it can be accessed on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as TVs.

This streaming service is like Netflix for games. You can play any game on a connected device. It can stream games in 4k at launch. But it will soon support up to 8K.

Since there is more connection, developers can sell their games on YouTube, Twitch and other new ways possible. For example,  you can load the trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey on YouTube. From there, you can click its Play button to load the game in a few seconds so you are ready to play.

The company’s gaming streaming service announcement is not a surprise. Google introduced Project Stream last fall. The pilot program enables gamers to stream Assassins Creed Odyssey in their browser at 1080p in 60fps. However, most gaming enthusiasts want to know more about its latency and the services available.

During the launch, Google presented a dedicated Stadia controller. However, the company said that you can utilize your existing controllers, mouse, and keyboard.

Google is not alone in making its way to the game-streaming space.

Another tech giant that moves in this space is Microsoft by providing a subscription for its Xbox Game Pass. It is also building a streaming-focused console. But this console will be announced soon.

For a few years, NVIDIA’s Geforce Now is offering seamless play. This service lets you play the latest AAA games without worrying about your PC catching fire. However, it requires that you purchase games through a digital store. After installing the app on your computer, the service’s cloud-based processors will let you run the game on any connected device.

PlayStation Now exists but it is not reliable. To play its games, however, you must own one of its consoles. Then again, it lets you play a wide range of exclusive games from your PlayStation 4 or PC. If you are a PS4 player, the subscription includes complete access to its multiplayer support.

However, compared to other companies, Google has an edge because of its cloud network that has over 7,500 nodes found around the world. Furthermore, Unreal and Unity and other game-engine companies will partner with Google through Stadia.

Google wants gaming enthusiasts to move away from their PCs to lightweight systems. Through a game-streaming service, gamers can opt to use their lighter Chromebook. It is also game-changing considering you can play anywhere, seamlessly.

As for the timing or pricing, Google has no word yet. However, we can gather more information about it during the I/O developer conference.

Most games are console specific. Only a few games will let you play on various devices. Thus, the release of Stadia will surely be revolutionary.

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