Google is integrating coupon codes and promotions into product search

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Google is gearing up for the holiday seasons, and has announced a couple of changes to help people connect with seasonal offers and deals. The new updates will almost ensure that your search for product information is satisfied by Google.

Here is how Google explains it:

Our new promotion badge will show up in Search on items running a promotion (like “15% off with coupon code HOLIDAYS”). While in the past we’ve shown when items are on sale or the price has dropped, you can now see specific promotions and compare them to others right in Search. We’re also adding a new coupon clipping feature, which allows you to easily copy promo codes when you’re ready to buy.”

New Labels For Coupons and Promotions:

To help you find coupon codes and promotions with ease, Google is integrating promotions and coupon codes in product search. This will not only make it easier to find current coupons, but also help you save money and time.

Compare Deals Side by Side:

Google has added a new feature that makes it easy to compare deals side by side. You will be able to compare shopping deals across retailers. This will eliminate the previous method where a user visited multiple websites before making up his mind on what and where to buy.

Price Insight:

To help shoppers understand the prices they see and to make better decisions when its time to buy a product, Google is bringing its price insights feature to Search. Now, you’ll quickly see how one merchant’s price compares to others’ and whether it’s low, typical or high for that product.

In 2018, Google updated the way consumers discover events in Search by adding new features that can help them to personalize results. This will enable Google provide important information about events within users’ search results.

When you search for an event on Google, the search engine giant will present an overview that shows details that include ticket, cost, venue reviews, time, and location. The feature gives you the option of either saving events for later, or clicking through to buy tickets via various vendors that have signed up with Google including Ticketmaster and StubHub.

The feature covers all types of events including, concerts, museum happenings, local festivals, and cooking classes. Among items that you can search for include, events near me, or free concert. To give you a broader view, however, a returned lists that contain different sites will be made available.

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