Google introduces new hashtag on Twitter to help Android users


Google has launched a new hashtag so that Android users can easily get help via the Twitter page of the operating system. The Android Twitter page is solely dedicated for resolving any issue and giving out information to users of the OS. However, launching a new hashtag solely for helping users get their problems solved is a new way of getting things done—and fast too.

This is especially good when you consider the fact that millions of Android users pose different questions online related to how they can solve issues that have to do with the operating system. A novice for example, may require a quick walkthrough after acquiring a new phone, and the new hashtag could come as a perfect fit.

Though, Google did not provide details as to how this will be managed, it is safe to say that all it wants to do is to help people solve their everyday issues. The hashtag is an addition to the Google Support page that already boasts of a huge reservoir of knowledge on how to use your device powered by Android.

Last month, a new tool to help you stay focused at those critical moments or season on your Android powered device was launched. People spend a lot of time on their mobile phones—activities, meetings, and social connections—all these are often times planned on the phone. “Focus mode,” according to Google, is a new Digital Wellbeing tool on Android that will help you done by temporarily pausing apps so you can concentrate on some more pressing tasks.

The tool gives you the opportunity to select apps that you currently find distracting such as social media or games, and when you try to open them, Focus mode reminds you that the app is paused. Notifications from selected apps will also be silenced by the tool until you are ready to switch them out of the mode.

Google said the feedback it received from users while the tool was being tested enabled it to add some more useful features including allowing Focus mode to automatically switch on and off for the days and times that you choose.

Alongside the option to automatically turn Focus mode on and off, Google also added an option to take a break, which of course allows you to step out and back in when you are ready.

Focus mode, according to Google, is currently available on all devices that have Digital Wellbeing and parental controls settings, including new phones launching with Android 9 and Android 10.

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