Google Introduces Hum to Search Feature: Have You Been Waiting for this All Your Life?

As long as you can hum, you can find that song. 

Google Introduces Hum to Search Feature: Have You Been Waiting for this All Your Life?

We’ve been there. A song stuck in your head. You tried to search for it on Google but you just don’t know the lyrics. Google feels you. Recently, it introduces a “hum to search” feature. 

To Identify Music, Just Hum to Search 

On Thursday, Google released a new search feature that allows you to search for that song. But you need to hum a few bars to help the engine in identifying the music. 

You can take advantage of it if you have Google mobile app and Google Assistant. Use either of these apps and say “Google, what’s this song.” But don’t forget to hum, whistle, or sing a for a few seconds. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re out of tune. Google will help you find that music that’s stuck in your head. 

Of course, don’t expect the search results to be accurate. Instead, Google will give you probable songs. The engine will also provide you with an estimate of how likely the suggested song is the one you’re looking for. 

This new feature uses machine learning models. They can transform audio into a sequence to represent the song’s melody. 

The models have been trained on various sources, like whistling, humming, or humans signing. They get rid of instruments and vocal quality. The models simply focus on the numeric sequence. 

The best thing about it all, it will still work even if you’re tone-deaf. 

Is This a New Concept? 

Not really. If you’re familiar with SoundHound, then you know that it has a hum-recognition feature too. However, hum to search is new to Google. 

When Google introduced Now Playing on its Pixel 2 smartphone three years ago, it provided low-power recognition of music. A year after, it launched the SoundSearch feature and added it to its Google app. 

The new experience will take the SoundSearch feature a step further. As it expanded it, the machine can now recognize songs without the original song or lyrics. 

This new feature may have the potential to become in demand as many people experience the “tip of the tongue” moment. Google said that every month, people ask Google the keyword phrase “what song is playing” almost 100 million times.

The new feature is available on Google iOS but it’s only available in English. However, on Android, it’s available in over 20 languages. It’s planning to add more in the future. 

In addition to “hum to search” feature, Google also introduced a few enhancements to its Google Lens and AR visual search tools. With the enhancements, the Lens can now help you by providing step-by-step guides and 3D visuals. 

If you’re shopping, you can browse products online and Lens will find similar items. It can also recommend some ways to style it. This feature can recognize 15 billion objects. Two years ago, it could only recognize 1 billion objects. 

Have you tried this new feature yet? What do you think of it? 

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