Google Introduces Google+ Sign-In, Unifies Account Credentials

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All Google account owners can now sign-in across multiple platforms and carry their personal information on Google+ through any app on Android, iOS, or the web. 

How? Well, Google recently added a new feature called Google+ Sign-In on its social network.

The search giant said its first release will focus on four important pillars: simplicity and security, tight integration between web and mobile apps, social spam filters, and sharing interactive multimedia posts.

Google+ Sign-In allows a user to sign in to any Google service, such as Gmail and YouTube, and use the account information to sign in to apps created by other developers.

Google+ sign-in

Take note there’s an option to choose the information shared with the app on the Google+ permissions screen. Other people can view shared activities.

The search giant said Google+ Sign-In has the same security measures found on any Google account, such as its popular 2-step verification.

Signed-in apps are easy to manage on both desktop and mobile: users can either go to Google+ Apps on any web browser or open the new Google Settings for Android app.

Google Settings for Android allows a user to see apps with Google+ Sign-In and choose whether to personalize the Google AdMob Ads in Android apps or not.

The opt out option for AdMob does not block ads from Google. It will still send ads but not as relevant to the user when opted in. 

In addition, Google said developers with online and mobile versions of their apps can now save time. A simple Google sign-in to any website allows them to install the site’s mobile app on their Android device in just one click.

Google+ Sign-In also gives a Google account owner discretion to share an important event or activity to a selected group of friends or Circles. This allows them to decide if a photo or video is private or public.

Google assures that Google+ will not allow apps to send social spam – annoying updates – across the stream. The app only appears when needed, especially when a user searches for it.

When it comes to shared photos and videos, a new interactive post shows up on a friend’s Google+ stream when the user shares a multimedia file from an app that supports Google+ Sign-In.

A simple click will take the user’s friend to the app and do things: buy a copy of a song or listen to it, watch videos, or write a review about the shared clip.

Developers who are building apps for Android, iOS, or the web can go to the Google+ Developers site to read more about the new feature and more.

Google+ sign-in button

Android apps need the new Google Play Services with Google+ Sign-In to add the feature.

Google will roll out the new “Sign in with Google” button in stages, but developers and users can check out these sites in the meantime: Banjo, Beautylish, Fancy, Fitbit, Flixster, The Guardian, OpenTable, Shazam, TuneIn, and USA Today.


All apps used in this article are courtesy of the Google+ Developers Blog.

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