Google Introduces Duet AI for Google Workspace — How Much is It?

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Duet AI for Google Workspace 

Google just announced that it would roll out Duet AI across Workspace apps. More than a million people have already tried it as it has been in testing for a little while now. 

It is coming to you if you are paying for Google’s Workspace apps. 

This feature was first announced during the I/O developer conference this year. Google described it as the collection of features that can help collaborate in all Google apps. 

What Can It Do? 

You can ask Duet to outline your Google Docs into a deck of Slides. Or you can ask it to make a chart. 

It is also a creative tool. It can write an email response or generate images. You can also ask it to check your grammar and correct any mistakes. 

Duet can also find your stuff in your Drive or summarize your documents. 

If you use it in Google Meet, it can help in automating meeting summaries or tweaking sounds. In Chats, it can summarize long threads so you don’t have to read everything. 

“Duet AI is your AI-powered collaborator, available across Google Cloud and in your IDE to help you get more done, faster. You can access Duet AI capabilities though a chat interface, available in the Google Cloud console and IDEs such as Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IntelliJ (via Cloud Code extensions). Responding to natural language prompts, Duet AI in Apigee API Management and Application Integration automatically generates API specifications and integration flows, using your enterprise assets and context.” — Google

Is It Free? 

Unfortunately, this tool is not free. You have to pay $30 per month. It costs as much as Microsoft’s 365 Copilot enhancements. 

Microsoft and Google have been racing to add this type of AI into their core products after the release of the ChatGPT chatbot late last year. 

If you are paying for the productivity suites, you need to add $30 more. But you can try it out as Google offers free trials. 

The pricing, by the way, is for companies. Google has not finalized yet the pricing for smaller organizations and individual users. 

In May, Google started taking pre-orders for Duet AI. However, it did not reveal it publicly. Then, two months later, Microsoft announced its pricing. 

Google is not like Microsoft. It does not solely rely on business software. Its Workspace is under the Cloud category along with cloud infrastructure. 

Those units are producing $8 billion in revenue. 

Office products and cloud services, on the other hand, generated $13.5 billion in revenue for the Windows maker. 

Google Workspace has now 10 million paying customers. It is up from 9 million in March. 

More than a million people have already tried its AI capabilities. 

It is important to note that Google Duet is still a work in progress. It is being marketed as a professional tool. It is built on Google Bard. Its language model is known for hallucinating false information. It has its own mishaps. That’s why if you are going to use it, make sure to double-check your work.

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