Google Hire now lets you interact with potential employees within Gmail


Google Hire, a recruitment service launched by Google about this time in 2017, now has an exciting new update. The applicant tracking service now has a new plugin that lets employers interact with potential employees within Gmail.

HRs and companies can now interact with potential employees or applicants within Gmail. What that means is that recruiters no longer need to switch between apps. According to Small Biz Trends, the new plugin comes with direct communications and moving applicants along various vetting stages of the hiring process.

Once you add the plugin to your Gmail account, you can then proceed to add candidates to hire without exiting your inbox. It works by clicking the add-on to get more info about the applicant’s status as soon as you receive an email.

For new candidates, Google will parse certain information such as name and email address that can then be added by you for the job they have applied for and also set their status. You can also upload their resume as an attachment or another document all within the app.

Once done, you can save the data, while the add-on creates a new profile and subsequently save it in Hire. After you have saved the document, you can interact with it via email with pre-installed templates, change the status and edit the applicant’s information overtime.

Still on Google Hire and new feature, the recruitment software now has the ability to save HR managers time whenever a new job becomes available. Called Candidate Discovery, the new feature according to The Verge, lets recruiters sort through the “applicant pool” to determine or find out if a candidate had earlier been marked as a prospective, previously interviewed for an opening, or received a job offer previously from the company.

What Google plans to achieve with this is to help recruiters to easily re-arrange with former candidates who may be the right fit for an organization, but not for an opening they had previously applied for in the past.

Google Hire is an app designed to help recruiters sort through mountain of resumes they receive from applicants. Recruiters and HRs receive tons of applications every day, and it does not get any easier when it involves one of those large conglomerates.

It has been almost one year since the service was launched, and Google still has not said anything about extending the tool to countries outside the US. Moreover, Google Hire is still not the tool for big companies, but one that mid-sized companies in the US will always find useful to use.

Still a lot to do when it comes to competing or catching up with Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Perhaps, a few more years and a couple of more features and add-ons, then we can start talking about competing with the top guns in the industry.

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