Google Hangouts App For Android Gets Major Update

Google has released major updates for its Hangouts app for Android according to the company’s Vice President for Google+ Bradley Horowitz. He made the announcement at the LeWeb conference in Paris Wednesday.

Reporting on the newly added features, Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch says they are “mostly just fun,” but he did say a couple of others will make the service easier for users to use.

One of the features newly added by Google will enable you share your location. Doing this is quite simple; all you have to do is to drop a pin on the map. While this may not be regarded as a new feature since Hangouts already offers location feature; it is noteworthy that Google is trying to parse your conversation to search for clues when it can automatically provide you with a quick reply option. All it takes for Google to prompt you to share your location is when someone asks you for your location.

The latter feature will identify keywords within your chat and make contextually relevant suggestions (typing “where are you?”) for example when trying to catch up with someone, it will present a one-tap option to share your location on the map.


When someone is online, Google now makes it clear to you as your contacts will display a “last seen” timestamp. That’s not all there is to the contact as Google has now made it possible to consolidate all, as you can now import all contacts on your phone.

Google also added the visual side, which now allows you to apply filters to your video chats. This too is a welcome addition as users can’t get enough when it comes to improving on video chats. Not sure what colours have been added, but I have a feeling it could be vignette, black and white, and others.

Considering the fact that Google has now integrated text messages and the Hangouts chat tools into a single application, it is doing all it can to make the chat experience a lot smarter compared to what it was.

Last July, Google announced it was untethering Hangouts video chat features from its Google+ social network and more deeply integrating it into its suite of apps for business users.

The move also meant that Hangouts will be able to receive similar support same as the enterprise versions of Gmail and Google Docs receive.

Google Hangouts replaced Google’s three messaging products that the company had implemented concurrently within its services.

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