Google Guacamole Lets You Skip “Hey, Google” Prompt

Google is currently testing this feature for timers, calls, and alarms. 

google guacamole hey google

Some users are seeing a new Guacamole menu in the Assistant settings. It seems like Google is working on plenty of new features. 

When you update the Google app on your Android device, you may see this new feature that’ll perform some tasks without even saying, “Hey, Google.” 

Those who have tried that feature said that the new feature will handle timers, calls, and alarms by simply saying “stop” the timer, “answer or decline the call” or “snooze” an alarm. 

Google Guacamole Feature 

This feature may be announced at I/O next month. However, you might have encountered this similar feature on Google Home or Nest Hub smart speakers. 

In 2019, Google announced at Google I/O that users can finally get a Google Assistant that would stop rising when they say “stop.” 

With this feature, users will no longer need to say, “Hey, Google, stop the alarm” to command Google Home or phone to stop ringing. 

It’s not a major change. But it highlights the progress that the tech giant is beginning to make with its voice assistant. That is, Google is making its voice assistant understand a natural conversation. 

Google isn’t trying to program its robot with certain voice commands. 

This is a new method and it’s undoubtedly better than saying, “Hey, Google, stop the alarm.” 

Google Guacamole Feature a Part of Android 12 

It’s an early release. Google has not made it official yet. Thus, it may not make it to the final release. In that case, it could change in a single update. 

Besides Guacamole, the upcoming Android 12 may include a more compact widget picker. The widgets are arranged by the app. 

However, every list is collapsed by default. With that in mind, your phone will look less cluttered. It will also be easier or faster to scroll and find the app that you need. 

Android 12 may also include one-handed mode. It was seen in development but it’s working in Developer Preview 2. But according to some who have tried it, this mode may conflict with another gesture. 

Furthermore, Android 12 may introduce a brighter dark theme. Google got rid of the light blue background introduced in DP1. Dark backgrounds are hazier now. Bright dark theme backgrounds are grayer now. 

There’s also a new swipe for notifications feature that lets you swipe down to activate the notification shade. 

Google I/O 2021 

These features may be announced next month during Google I/O 2021. It’s the developer conference that had been canceled last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This coming Google developer conference is a virtual event. Its page is already live. You can access it if you could save programming puzzles. 

If you don’t want to solve a series of puzzles, the secret is actually coming on May 18, 19, and 20. 

You can attend it remotely and for free. But live sessions are usually recorded and streamed. 

Next year, we can expect that Google may hold an in-person event now that the US government has deployed millions of COVID-19 vaccines.

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