Google+ Grows to 10 Million Users in Just Two Weeks

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google-plus-projectGoogle has announced that its latest social networking platform Google Plus has grown to 10 million users within a period of just two weeks, reports CNN.

Google has not yet made Google+ open to the public and it is still in a “limited” trial phase in which one can become a user only through invite.

“Growth on Google+ has been great,” said Google CEO Larry Page. “Over 10 million have joined. That’s a great achievement for the team. There has been a ton of activity,” added Larry.

Larry also revealed that over 1 billion items are being shared on the network on a daily basis.

For Larry Page, Google+ is a part of his grand vision for the company. “Today, I see more opportunities for Google than ever before; we’re just at the beginning of what we want to do. We’re only at 1% of what’s possible. Google’s just getting started,” said Page.

Google has also reported that its net income in Q2 rose to $2.5 billion. The profit for the company has improved due to increase in number of clicks on Google’s ads as well as increase in the pay per click amount from advertisers. Google spent more than $900 million on infrastructure during the quarter. The company has spent a lot of amount on its data center. Google has also revealed its plans to continue spending on important projects.

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Author: Firdaus

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