Google Glasses to Take Away the Risk Of Texting While Walking

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Google Glasses to Take Away the Risk Of Texting While Walking / image via Flickr

Diehard texters, which mean practically everybody with a smartphone or a tablet, may be resting easy very soon and not worry about falling into a hole while texting and walking or getting hit by a car while punching in that urgent message without looking where they’re going.

An Associated Press report on Monday, said Google might soon release glasses connected to the Internet, apparently for the sole purpose of keeping you aware of your surroundings while you are concentrating on doing what you’re doing on your smartphone.

AP said Google’s Project Glass announcement over the weekend admits the device is still on the prototype stage but claims its potentials are endless.

The walking-while-texting futuristic glasses are to be worn like any pair of ordinary eyeglasses but because it’s designed to be connected to the Internet, it allows you to do what you’ve always done – never mind the risk – because the glasses simultaneously give you directions as to where you’re going.

Another  project of Google X, the company’s super-secret online research facility, the Google glasses is said to be able to do what any smartphone now does – open a chat link, let you buy online, text, browse – while keeping your eyes free to see where your feet are taking you.

Industry observers said the futuristic device might end up following the bulky flash-in-the-pan Bluetooth earpiece example and not really catch on.

However, a social media expert in Georgia told AP that the Google plan might take a more successful path because of its greater utility, the safety of its would-be users among the first advantages.

No other details appeared in the Google prototype video show, but the Associated Press said comments from viewers ranged from amazement to plenty of worry that while the glasses may be ok for walking, wearing them while driving could be something else.

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