Google Gboard welcomes new updates

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Google has added a couple of new updates to Gboard; its popular keyboard app. One of the new updates will allow you turn your words into pictures. This feature was previously only exclusive to Google Pixel phones, but has now been added to make texting and chats more interesting for the user.

The company also announced that custom text stickers will soon become available to all Android Gboard users typing in English—US. The custom stickers, according to Google, will allow you to type what you want to say, select a design, and share your message with your closest friends.

Two years ago, Google added a dedicated Bitmoji tab to one of the world’s most popular keyboard app. This is regardless of whether you have the app installed on your device.

Prior to that update, Bitmoji was only available for installation on Gboard via the sticker tab in the emoji sector. Once you tap on it, it will open a banner, with an advert message that you can “unlock thousands of stickers” via the “Install Bitmoji” button. As soon as you have installed the app, the Gboard section will be populated by stickers based on you.

In 2019, Google Gboard was updated with the ability to suggest relevant emoji and stickers when typing on your device. This feature is powered by Google’s popular artificial intelligence. With this functionality, Gboard will suggest different emojis and stickers that it feels will match that important occasion—birthday, wedding anniversary any many more.

As you already know, Gboard boasts of a rich reservoir of stickers and emojis in its library, which makes it the perfect app to help you send the right pictures when words are barely enough.

Even with a large collection of stickers and emojis available in the Gboard store, it could be sometimes very difficult to come up with the right one to express yourself in a very important conversation. So, it makes a lot of sense to have AI integrated into the app to simplify the entire process of getting the right sticker or emoji.

The “GIF” icon in the top left corner of Gboard is where to start from—simply tap it, and you will see a selection of GIFs, emoji, and stickers that the app thinks you might want to use during a conversation.

Gboard is one of the most used keyboard apps around the world. Personally, I use Gboard on my phone, and one of the main reasons for this is because of the regular updates and innovative features.

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Author: Ola Ric

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