Google Gboard gets smarter with relevant emoji and sticker suggestions

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I am loving Google’s mobile keyboard app—Gboard is gradually becoming the popular choice for millions of people out there. By adding only those important features that make typing easier for everyone, conversation on the phone can only get better. Fresh from adding a feature that makes the keyboard float on your device, Google is again improving the app and making it irresistible for users. Google Gboard can now suggest relevant emoji and stickers to use when typing on your device.

This new feature is powered by Google’s popular artificial intelligence. With this functionality, Gboard will suggest different emojis and stickers that it feels will match that important occasion—birthday, wedding anniversary any many more. As you already know, Gboard boasts of a rich reservoir of stickers and emojis in its library, which makes it the perfect app to help you send the right pictures when words are barely enough.


Even with a large collection of stickers and emojis available in the Gboard store, it could be sometimes very difficult to come up with the right one to express yourself in a very important conversation. So, it makes a lot of sense to have AI integrated into the app to simplify the entire process of getting the right sticker or emoji.

But with thousands of emoji and stickers, and an endless number of GIFs, it can sometimes take awhile to find the perfect way to say “I love you,” “hooray,” or anything else you’re trying to communicate,” Angana Ghosh, Product Lead Gboard said on Monday.

The “GIF” icon in the top left corner of Gboard is where to start from—simply tap it, and you will see a selection of GIFs, emoji and stickers that the app thinks you might want to use during a conversation.


The feature, which rolled out to all Android users today, is currently only available globally in English. Google has promised to make it available in other languages so people in other parts of the world can freely and easily express themselves.

A floating keyboard along with a host of other new languages were added [the floating keyboard it would seem is still being tested] to Gboard only last month—making the app even easier to use.

With a floating keyboard, you can place the keyboard anywhere that suits you. You will be welcomed by a new Floating Menu that will be added to the Gboard overflow. You can position the floating keyboard anywhere on the screen just by using a handle located at the bottom. After moving it, you will be able to resize it to fill as much space, or if you like, resize it to make it fill any little space on your phone screen.

The keyboard will, however, fade to about 50 percent opacity if it remains idle for a while—this is to “allow some of the screen space behind it to show through.” Enabling the floating keyboard is quite easy—open an app that allows the keyboard to show suggestions and use the arrow on the left to open special features. Once done, tap on the 3-dot overflow menu to see everything. Tap on “Floating” and you can start using Gboard keyboard anywhere that suits you on your phone screen.

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