Google Expands AI-Powered Search Engine in India, Japan

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Google’s AI-Powered Search Engine 

Are you one of the lucky ones who could access Google Search Labs? If you are one of them, then you should try the generative AI search tool. Google just added reference links within the Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Before this update, users had to click on a small icon in the upper right-hand corner to know where the SGE was obtaining its sources. After clicking on the icon, the corroborating sites would be revealed for every SGE’s claims. 

After the update, you can find arrow icons directly on the page. Just click on the icon to find where the information was sourced from. 

And SGE will be brought soon to India and Japan. These are the two countries outside the US to experience the “new” search. 

What is SGE Exactly? 

SGE is a conversational mode of Google Search. You can ask Google questions about a certain topic. It works similarly to an AI chatbot. That is, you will get answers. 

For instance, you can ask the search engine, “What are the best beginner coding courses, and how to prepare for them? Without SGE, you would break this one question into smaller ones. You will be the one to piece things together. 

But with this latest update, Search can do the heavy lifting. 

You can also make a follow-up question. This mode enables you to intuitively learn more about the topic you are trying to discover. 

The context of the conversation will be carried over from the previous questions. This will help you continue your exploration. 

Positive Experience

“In the few months since launching generative AI in Search, we’re finding in our research that people are having a positive experience, and are using SGE for help with more complex queries and entirely new types of questions. We’re also seeing the highest satisfaction scores among younger users (18-24 year olds), who say they enjoy being able to ask follow-up questions conversationally.” Google

Google also said that people who have tried the new search found the ads above or below the overview to be helpful. The reason for this is that they provide useful options if they wish to take action or connect with businesses. 

People also appreciated that they could scroll and access a range of sources on the web. 

Conversational mode search is more useful, indeed, in certain contexts. The reason for this is that it allows users to interact with search engines in a more human-like and intuitive manner. 

Conversational search is also more user-friendly. It enables people to express their queries in a natural and conversational way. It feels like they are just talking to another person. It reduces the learning curve. Plus, it makes it accessible to a wider range of users. 

Furthermore, conversational search systems are designed to understand the context of a conversation. They can take into account previous queries and responses to prove more accurate and relevant answers. 

SGE is not the only AI-powered search engine available. Microsoft has been offering it for months now through its Bing search.

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