Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt To Appear Before Antitrust Subcommittee Today

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Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt to appear before antitrust subcommittee todayGoogle executive chair Eric Schmidt will testify before a US Senate antitrust subcommittee to rebut accusations that the company is not using its online search dominance to thwart competition in search results.

Schmidt, who vacated his CEO post in April for Google co-founder Larry Page, will expectedly refute allegations that Google forces out rival services by placing in-house products on top of competitors in search results.

Google already faces isolated probes from government regulators in both the US and the EU about its online search market dominance.

Schmidt will likely argue that the search giant provides fair competition for rival products, with Facebook and Twitter burgeoning efforts to challenge the company.

Research firm Nielsen released a report last week that showed US Internet users actually spend most of their time on Facebook compared to other websites.

Meanwhile, Web metrics firm StatsCounter reported last week that Google floats on 90 percent share of the Internet search market worldwide, but varies from each country.

The Senate antitrust subcommittee will be hearing testimonies from Google rivals and complainants Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of reviews site Yelp, and Jeff Katz, CEO of price comparison site Nextag.


Image: Guillaume Paumier [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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