Google Employees Slammed CEO Sundar Pichai Over Bard Announcement

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Google Employees Criticized Google Leadership 


Google announced its ChatGPT competitor called Bard. Unfortunately, Google employees were not happy about how it was revealed to the public. 

They used their popular internal forum to express their dismay at the Bard announcement. For them, it was rushed and botched. It was not how Google should handle it, according to CNBC

Google wanted to get ahead of a Microsoft event, which also revealed its ChatGPT-style search engine. On Monday, Pichai revealed some details of its chatbot technology before revealing more details on Wednesday at an event in Paris. 

Microsoft is an early investor in the much-talked-about chatbot ChatGPT created by OpenAI. The company showcased how it is going to integrate it into its Bing search engine. It invited reporters to a demo at its headquarters in Washington. 

Google, on the other hand, briefly shared some slides during Google’s Wednesday event. The slide showed some examples of capabilities of Bard. 

People tuned in to hear more about it. Unfortunately, some employees were not aware of it. In fact, one of the presenters didn’t bring the phone that was needed for the demonstration. 

Some users on Twitter pointed out that Bard provided an incorrect description of a telescope utilized to capture the first photos of a planet outside the solar system. 

Google staffers used Memegen to poke fun at its company’s missteps. But the posts after the ChatGPT competitor was announced were directly meant for Pichai. 

For instance, one meme included a serious photo of the CEO with a meme saying that the launch of Bard and the layoffs were botched and myopic. It also “advised” Pichai to take a “long-term outlook.” 

Many employees upvoted the post. 

Although AI chatbots are helpful, some tech analysts are saying that their integration can be a pitfall. This is especially true if the bots are forced to provide answers to complex questions that have the potential to generate incorrect answers. 

What is Bard? 

It’s an experimental conversational AI service. Bard is powered by Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). It draws on the information from the Internet to provide the user with high-quality responses, rather than training it to a certain year. 

This chatbot seeks to combine the world’s knowledge with the power of intelligence and creativity of language models. Unlike OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bard uses a lightweight 

version of LaMDA. It means that it uses less computing power. 

When Google introduced it, it immediately warns that this chatbot can give inaccurate information. The interface showcased during the event had a simple text box. It also mimicked chatbots. 

It’s still in the testing phase to allow Google to continue learning and improving the chatbot’s quality and speed. 

Google stated that it will combine external feedback with its internal testing to guarantee that the chatbot’s responses meet quality and safety in real-world information. 

Analysts have been saying that AI will be coming to search. And it is indeed coming. Google’s ad business will surely be affected. In fact, Alphabet’s stock is down after it revealed Bard.

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