Google Duo climbs to #1 spot in Play Store Top Free Downloads

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Google Duo


It’s barely two days since the release of Google’s video chat app, Google Duo, and the app has already climbed to the number one spot on the Play Store.

According to Android Police, the video chat app is now occupying the #1 spot in the Play Store top free downloads. The app is already proving to be very popular among Android phone users, and this is music in the ears of Google. The rollout is now complete, and everyone can now download and install the app across the globe.

Confirming this story in a tweet, Google’s Principal Engineer who also serves as the technical lead for Duo, Justin Uberti said the app is now available “in all countries.” He also announced that Duo, which now has a 4.5 rating on the Store, is now the #1 app among top free downloads.

Google Duo currently sits at the top of the chat, ahead of other popular apps like Facebook Messenger, Pokémon GO (yea! You read that right) Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Well, not totally unexpected because some newly launched apps have a way of surging ahead of older apps as soon as they hit the Play Store. Regardless, it is quite encouraging to see a newly launched app getting all the nods a couple of days after release—and kudos to Duo.

Initial problems, especially one that has to do with phone number verification for users in Canada and the US has now been solved by Google. Users with Android 4.1 and above should be able to download and install the video chat app without any hitch.

Want to check the story? Simply visit Google Play on your Android phone, then go the ‘Top Free’ section and you can see things for yourself. However, you may have to visit the Store fast because the ranking could change as some new apps do after crashing records.

Given the enormous amount of competition out there, the developers of Google Dou have every reason to be proud. It shows that the app has a bright prospect, especially how it was able to break into the top ten of major free chat apps that include Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram and the likes of them.

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Another significant thing to consider is the user rating—4.5 is not a bad start for an app that just got added to a growing list. Chat apps like Facebook Messenger (3.9), YouTube (4.4), Facebook (4.0), Pokémon GO (4.1) and Snapchat (3.9) are all behind Google Duo in rating.

One unique selling point for Google Duo is its simplicity. Even with a slower network, you are able to initiate video calls faster.

“We’ve built Duo to be fast and reliable, so that video calls connect quickly and work well even on slower networks,” said Uberti. “Call quality adjusts to changing network conditions to keep you connected — when bandwidth is limited, Duo will gracefully reduce the resolution to keep the call going smoothly. For video calls on the go, Duo will switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically without dropping your call. You can start your call at home, and continue seamlessly even when you head out the door.”

Have you tried Google Duo? What are your first impression about the app? You can share your views in the comment section.

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