Google Drive File Limit: Discovered And Rolled Back the Change

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Google Drive File Limit


On the first day of the month, some Google Drive users woke up to a message from Google telling them to delete millions of files to continue using their Drive accounts. The company decided to put a limit on the files users can have on one account. 

The problem was Google did not warn anyone that this would happen. Those who were affected found themselves not being able to upload files

A Bug or Not? 

There was nothing anywhere that tells users Drive has a file limit. Users thought it was just a bug. So they complained to Google. 

But the company failed to issue a public response. Some users said that they received a message from Google Support confirming the limit. 

The surprise rollout has been affecting several accounts. But it is not that scary. The file limit is up to 5 million. If you are just an average user, you will not get near that number. Thus, the number of users impacted by this limit is small. 

What irks people is that the rollout came without a warning, as mentioned earlier. 

Drive File Limit is Dead 

After receiving reactions from users, Google backtracks its decision to put the cap. It rolled back the limit. According to Google, it rolled out the limit to preserve the system’s stability and optimize its appearance. It has impacted a small number of people. However, it decided to explore other ways to meet the goals while ensuring users will have a great experience. 

It means that we will be seeing Drive limits in the future. The company has been cutting costs. It seems like it also wants to reduce the resources of Drive users. 

Google charges these people to use its storage. The limit it is selling is measured in GB and TB. For instance, its Google Workspace Business account can give you up to 5TB of storage. You can get unlimited options if you negotiate with its salespeople. 

Its Google One offers 30TB which costs $150 a month. 

Google Drive is not a Dropbox clone. It is quite a different platform because it allows delivers to build Drive API into their apps. It gives them an easy way to include additional storage for their products. 

The file cap applies to all of these users. It is just small for the storage tiers. But if you have 4KB files, it is easy to hit 5 million files. For a time, the company was selling people storage they could not utilize because of the new limit. And you can’t find a document about it. 

The lack of communication made its users irate. Some said that their operations were greatly affected. The disruption affected tens of thousands of users and their daily work. The issue also affected many sites across the UK. 

This could have been avoided if the company just communicated its plans to put a file limit on Drive users. But Google didn’t use its communication and rollout channels. Instead, the change just went straight into production. Thankfully, it is retracting its decision.

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