Google debuts Journalist Studio to help reporters work efficiently

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Google has launched a suite of tools to help reporters do their job with much ease. The company on Wednesday launched Journalist Studio, which comes with a slew of tools for reporters. As well as Journalist Studio, Google also launched two new products for reporters–Pinpoint and The Common Knowledge Project. 


Pinpoint helps reporters to quickly go through tons of documents by automatically identifying and organising the most frequently mentioned people, organisations and locations.

Instead of asking users to repeatedly hit “Ctrl+F,” the tool helps reporters use Google Search and Knowledge Graph, optical character recognition and speech-to-text technologies to search through scanned PDFs, images, handwritten notes, e-mails and audio files,” Google wrote in a blog post.

As a reporter, you will be able to search documents in Pinpoint which will highlight those terms and synonyms.

To request access to the tool, you will need to sign up. You will be able to upload and analyse documents in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portugese and Spanish.

The Common Knowledge Project

This tool serves as a new way for journalists to explore, visualize and share data about important issues in their local communities. Reporters can create their own interactive charts from thousands of data points in minutes, embed them in stories and share them out on social media.

The Common Knowledge Project is built by Polygraph, and supported by the Google News Initiative. 

 “The data comes from Data Commons, which compiles and joins thousands of public datasets from organizations including the U.S. Census and the CDC. Currently, the tool includes U.S. data on issues like demographics, economy, housing, education, and crime.”

Providing an insight on how the tools came about, Megan Chan, News Ecosystem Lead said his team spent two years trying to find a way to help reporters focus more on “their core strengths: finding the story, reporting it out and writing the narrative.”

Google’s Sundar Pichai recently unveiled a mouthwatering $1 billion pay program for publishers. The Google CEO announced this earlier in October as the company officially rolled out its new Google News Showcase.

Google News Showcase will first be rolled out in Germany, and then Brazil before being expanded to other markets. The focus from the look of things, seems to be targeted at how news is consumed on mobile rather than desktop.

Unlike what the company had done in the past, efforts will be concentrated on publishers primarily doing both the curating and creating themselves. At this stage, what is not clear is how much each publisher will earn, but all that will unfold as more information is made available by Google.

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