Google Could Offer Cheaper Chromecast

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But it would be limited to 1080p quality.

Google Preparing Cheaper Chromecast 

According to 9to5Google, Google is preparing to launch Google Chromecast with Google TV. In 2021, the company changed its premium Chromecast line from a streaming-only video device to a full-blown Android streamer. 

It came with a navigable user interface, a physical remote, and apps that you can install. 

The introduction of last year’s Chromecast was a result of merging Chromecast and Android TV. It integrated Google TV. 

It’s a revamped version of Android-TV-based software. 


The report states that the upcoming version will have a code-named Boreal. The information was found in documentation next to Sabrina, which is the code for the current Chromecast. 

Unfortunately, 9to5Google didn’t provide details about what to expect from the next-generation version. However, the current device has some flaws that users want Google to fix. 

The current Chromecast has 8GB storage for the OS, apps, and updates. 

Unfortunately, this storage isn’t enough, even for light app usage. Cheaper Android phones have better storage. For instance, some devices have 64GB. 

Many Chromecast owners want Google to consider improving the storage considering that most Android games are over 10GB. In that case, it would be impossible for you to install them on your new Chromecast. 

Users also have a problem with the lack of AV1 support. It’s the latest video codec of Google. With its royalty-free licensing and superior compression, AV1 earned the support of Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and other companies. 

Google may fix the lack of support for AV1 when you have Chromecast with Google TV. If that happens, the new generation may produce more bandwidth costs. 

Keeping Up with the Competitors 

The new device is said to help the company in competing against its streaming competitors, like Amazon and Roku

But because it can only support 1080p, it’ll be designed for those who don’t care about the best picture quality. Rather, it will be great for those who simply want an affordable streaming device. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite, for instance, is a basic streaming device that is in a competitive market. Thus, if Google will release a cheaper Chromecast, it can effectively compete in this niche. 

It might have a lower video quality but it has a lower price. 

If Google would follow its competitors, then the upcoming device would be available between $30 and $40. 

However, it can go as low as $25. 

Then again, you need to remember that the cheaper the device is, the lower the picture quality you receive. 

What is the Best Streaming Device Today? 

Roku tops the list. It’s a favorite streaming system. Unlike other streaming devices, it doesn’t push one media provider, like Apple or Amazon Prime Video. Its cheapest TV option is the Express 4K Plus. Even with this cheap device, you can connect it to your iPhone or other Apple devices to the TV. 

Chromecast with Google TV isn’t as good as Roku. However, it still comes closer than other devices on the market. It adds Doby Vision compatibility, thereby, outperforming Roku. If you’re living in Google’s world, then Chromecast is a better streaming device.

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