Google Classroom app keeps you updated with your kid’s school work

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Google Classroom


Being a parent is a lot of work—and fun too. One of the ways you show how much you love your kid is by keeping an eye on what he does, even in school. “Google Classroom” is a new app that keeps you informed with your kid’s school work.

Learning happens everywhere and every time; and it goes to show that learning can be extended even beyond the four walls of a classroom. Google Classroom is designed to help “teachers inspire learning for students, regardless of place or time.”

As Google rightly puts it in a blog post to announce the new app, parents have a major role to play when it comes to learning. In a blog post on Wednesday, Google said the app will provide automatic summary of classroom work of kids with their parents:

“Parent participation has a major impact on student learning. Today, we’re launching a new feature in Google Classroom that will automatically share summaries of student work with parents. Once invited by a teacher, parents and guardians can receive automated daily or weekly email summaries of student work and class announcements, making it easier to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the classroom.”

Classroom also encourages learning amongst kids in classroom as it allows annotations. Comparing it with a portable whiteboard, Google points its usefulness, especially those times when students have left their classrooms. Teachers too are not left out as it allows them to annotate homework with notes instead of static text.

Google Classroom 2


Assignments can now be completed fast by students just by using annotations. They (students) can even sketch out math problems or create visuals of creative ideas directly on their devices. In the bus or while in a friend’s place, learning never stops as the new app gives students access to the tools they need to complete assignments with so much ease.

“I enjoy helping my children prepare for assignments that they have coming up – and the earlier I know about them, the better,” says Michelle Barrette, a mother of five Medfield, Massachusetts students and pilot user of the new Classroom feature. “This way I can prevent them from missing deadlines and see if they need help brainstorming topics or solutions.”


Google Expeditions


Google also announced new Expeditions that “bring students far beyond the usual places they can travel.” Teachers are able to immerse students deeply in lessons, while creating unforgettable learning experiences.

Soon, iOS users will be able to use Expeditions on their iPads and iPhones. Teachers will be able to share Expeditions with their students by using “full-screen mode on the devices in place of a VR viewer.”

Google’s focus on education in today’s update is really encouraging, and parents, teachers and even students will love it. That’s not all because the tech giant has some more exciting news up its sleeves. It’s great to have an app that takes care of the needs of teachers, parents and teachers—Google Classroom has all the features to help everyone succeed.

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