Google Chrome Voice and Video-conferencing Platform Rivals Skype

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Google has announced plans for direct voice and video-conferencing software integration into the Google Chrome Web browser, challenging Skype’s video chatting services.

Google is now implementing its WebRTC project, building its own online voice and video-conferencing tool after acquiring Global IP Solutions – a company that offers real-time chatting software.

The voice and video-conferencing platform for Google is currently available on Gmail but needs a plug-in for activation.

To expand support for the new platform, Google has released it as open source software for other companies to create variants for their own Web browsers.

Google Chrome will have Real-Time Communication (RTC) support by using JavaScript Application Programming Interfaces (API), according to Google programmer Henrick Andreasson.

From Chrome’s WebKit engine to embedded audio/video parts, Google software engineers will offer complete RTC support for the Web browser, adds Andreasson.

Through the new voice and video-conferencing platform, companies can practically third-party software to compete with Skype.

Google apparently focuses on expanding cloud-based applications and services, working with several Web browsers and mobile devices to expand its market, especially with Google Chrome.


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Author: Francis Rey

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