Google Chrome Update: Promises Faster Loading and More Battery Life

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The latest Google Chrome update is the final release of 2020. 

Google Chrome used to be the lightest browser. However, as Google updated it over the years, it demanded more system resources. 

And the company realized it. It wants to modify it a bit by boosting its performance and speed, starting with Chrome 87. 

Google states that Chrome will prioritize tabs over other open tabs. As a result, it reduces CPU usage by “CPU usage by up to 5x.” 

That’s not all. 

It also extends your laptop’s battery life up to 1.25 hours. Please take note, though, that Google used its internal benchmarks. In that case, the numbers will still vary. 

Less Power But Faster 

Google adds that Chrome 87 loads pages 7 percent faster. And it does so without using a lot of power and RAM. 

And on Android, it loads pages instantaneously when navigating backward and forward. It makes everyday tasks extremely fast, as per Google. 

The company also adds tab search. It’s a tool that lets you find the tab buried under several tabs. You can see a list of open tabs and type in to find the tab you need. 

But this new feature will debut first on Chromebooks. Soon, it will expand to Chrome’s other desktop versions. 

The address bar also gets an update. It’s now more useful than it used to. 

Google calls the update Chrome Actions. With the update, it makes it quicker to get things done by just pressing a few keys. 

When typing edit passwords, for instance, Chrome will show you the action you can take directly from the bar. 

Google said that the first set of actions focuses on security and password. 

Cards in Chrome 

Another exciting feature is the Cards in Chrome. This highlight lets you go back to the sites you previously visited. 

For instance, if you visited some sites that helped you plan a meal and wish to go back to them, Google makes it easier for you to do so by adding cards on your new tab page. 

When you click on those tabs, you’ll find your recently visited content on the web. This will surely save a significant amount of time, instead of searching for those sites again. 

You can find all of these features in the latest Google Chrome update. Google Chrome for macOS also gets a new icon that fits for the Big Sur release. 

Safari beats Chrome if you’re a macOS user. The former is more energy-efficient. It also provides better privacy feature. 

But with the latest Chrome update, will Chrome beat Safari in terms of energy efficiency? Google is hoping it will. 

As mentioned, Google supported the performance boosts on its internal benchmarks. It may not be the same for all. 

Remember that Chrome has extensions that can also introduce privacy problems and can strain your system. And most of all, Google is an ad-based company. For Google, you’re the product and not a customer. 

But are you excited to download the latest Google Chrome update? What features are you looking forward to? Please tell us in the comments section below. 

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Author: Jane Danes

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