Google calls time on travel app Google Trips

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In a month’s time; precisely August 5, Google’s travelling app Trips will no longer be available. Apparently the app has failed to live to expectations, and there is no point in keeping it. Google announced during the course of the week that the Android-based app will be retired on August 5.

Google Trips made its debut three years ago with so much promised. Specifically, it was created to help both individual and business travellers to plan and organize their trips and vacations. It served as a useful guide to individuals when it comes to visiting places like hotels, restaurants, and booking air tickets.

Google Trips allowed you to customize your daily itinerary, helping you to figure out how to get to places and how long it would take to get there. As a matter of fact, the app was created with the ability to create an itinerary even if you don’t one in mind.

Google Trips was launched at a time when we had loads of apps offering similar features and services; but its main selling point was the fact that it was developed with the aim of using Google’s wide geographical database. You could as a matter of fact send your hotel reservations and ticket confirmations to your Gmail account—it was a big selling point for an app that was making an entry into a heavily saturated field.

In 2017, Trips got even better with some exciting features. Among other added features, the app could automatically pull in train and bus tickets sent to your Gmail address. Before that update however, Trips could collate all your flight, hotel, and car reservations.

These will appear also in the reservations section of the app, in between your various hotel stays, allowing you to better see how you’re moving between one place to the next – even if not by air.

Trips also offered you similar feature you can find in other major apps designed for tourists and travelers. Simply tap an arrow button on the reservations screen to forward the details of your trip via email to anyone. Your plans can be seen by anyone using the apps.

The aforementioned features made the app to be more competitive and more appealing to many people. The fact that Google already boast of some other travel and search apps that can boost your traveling plans also gave Trips a soft landing when it was launched in 2016.

Google Trips is a free app, and available to every iOS and Android users, and uses content from your Google account; making it easier to plan your trips. Based on the travel information, like car reservations, hotel receipts, and flight confirmation, among others, in your Gmail inbox, Trips can create trips automatically.

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Author: Ola Ric

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