Google brings Q&A to Google Meet

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Google Meet is bringing two of the most requested features to the service–Q&A, and Polls. These two features are scheduled to be released next week, and could become very important tools for moderators of meetings.

In a blog post announcing the two new features, Google said Q&A and Polls will become available to users from the 8th of October. Q&A will allow attendees to submit questions that can be answered by hosts and moderators.

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“Q&A in Meet offers an easy way to better engage audiences and help them get their questions answered, both at work and in school. Educators can use Q&A as a structured way for students to ask questions on class content and get answers from teachers.

While for Polls, Google has this to say:

“Polls are a great way to quickly gauge the pulse of your audience. You can use polls to identify topics that need more discussion or test understanding of the meeting content. This means business users can easily get real-time feedback from their colleagues, teachers can quiz remote students to ensure they’re absorbing the material, and sales teams can make their sales presentations to prospective customers more engaging and interactive.”

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Both features like I said earlier will become available to all users from October 8. 

In more Google Meet news, Meet started rolling out an expanded grid that allows you to see up to 49 people during a meeting last month. A preview of the newly updated functionality was made available to users back in August. In the coming weeks, users will be able to see up to 49 people at the same time.

The fact that you can now see more people while in a meeting will improve the quality of your meetings. You will be able to see how people react to your suggestions, and effectively work towards making a better presentation. Being able to see other people in the meeting will also encourage more participation as it will create an atmosphere that makes it look like it is a person-to-person meeting.

Google Meet also rolled out background blur; a feature that blurs your background and focuses only on you during meeting. A new icon now exist in the bottom-right corner before a call is initiated or in the settings menu immediately afterwards.

Google Meet background blur will first be available in Chrome for Mac and Windows with a similar rollout timeline as the grid view. So, expect both features to be fully available to all users pretty soon.

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