Google Blames Spam for Poor Search Results

Over the last couple of months, bloggers, critics and users made complaints on Google for bringing search results of poor quality, which the Internet giant takes as Web spam, defined as junk search results popping up when sites deceive Google Search to reach top ranking through ominous search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

In a post on The Official Google Blog, Principal Engineer Matt Cutts wrote, “A decade ago, the spam situation was so bad that search engines would regularly return off-topic webspam for many different searches. For the most part, Google has successfully beaten back that type of “pure webspam” – even while some spammers resort to sneakier or even illegal tactics such as hacking websites.”

Attempting to bring down the noise created by wrong ideas, Cutts said that Google immediately acts upon sites breaching search quality guidelines irrespective of having Google ads or not, where buying these ads does not alleviate ranking woes.

In addition, Google improved the ability to find compromised websites, noticeably when the search giant included extra notifications for search results leading to hacked sites.

Author: Francis Rey

Francis is a voracious reader and prolific writer. He has been writing about social media and technology for more than 10 years. During off hours, he relishes moments with his wife and daughter.

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  1. Google – Spoogle, until everyone complains enough or stops using this poor excuse for a search engine, they will not really care. But what else is their, Bing, its not very good either, and don’t even get me started on the rest. Isn’t technology wonderful!

  2. Great article Francis. I agree that Google has done a lot to cut spam but the odd one or two does make it through the net sometimes.

  3. I’m using Bing more and more.

  4. I really like that Google is attempting to do something about the spam. It is getting worse and worse every day from people initiating black hat techniques.

  5. cm789 – Spoogle, until everyone complains enough

  6. Nice article, good that Google is always trying to better the quality of search results..

  7. Let’s hope for the best in Google Search!

  8. You can’t completely blame the search engines for poor results. They each have an algorithm that is designed to provide results. Most of the sites that show at the top are there because they best fit the criteria built into the algorithm. Some sites are no brainers like Wikipedia because they have a lot of info, a lot of links, domain age, etc., which are all good criteria to follow. If there are better or more relevant pages out there, why aren’t they at the top? Because they don’t fit the criteria of the algorithm. All this was easier ten years ago when there wasn’t as many pages to crawl or search. The algorithms are more important now than they were back then. The only things that have changed are 1) more pages to compete and 2) more SEO experts that know how to gain position. If there’s a better solution we’d all like to hear it. Everybody always slams Google but they offer more and better webmaster tools than any other search engine which makes things better for both publishers and users.

  9. I agree Jeff. I find that more often the less competitive markets/niches do have much more “spam” results at the top of Google search simply because there is less competition and the spammers have a much higher success rate targeting these types of markets. On the most part users cant simply expect to type what they want and have the perfect page at position one.

  10. I concur! Despite all the detractors surrounding Google and its dev team, I think they belong to the top tier of web programmers. Let’s hope dubious “netizens” appreciate the search giant’s ramped up efforts.

  11. True Aaron. Eventually, Google will develop a new system for blocking all sorts of “blackhat” SEO and alleviate search results. When that time comes (and I hope it does), the entire Web experience would be seamless.

  12. I just had a conversation the other night concerning all the article and directory submissions on the internet. If you think about it, it all boils down to building links. Companies are creating article and submission directories at an alarming rate because they make money for paid directories. While these directories are supposed to bring you links, they are really just spam in essence. I do SEO daily on page and off page and know how much the search engines put into link building and the quality of links you gain for your business on the internet. This is what truly has sparked the endless amounts of directories being created daily. Although this directories are perfectly okay to post links and advertise, they really truly are spam if you think about it.

  13. It has always been and always will be a battle between those trying to present “relevant” results and those trying to make their page “relevant” to a specific, commercially important search term. Considering the challenges faced by Google et al it’s amazing that search engines do as well as they do (generally speaking).

    That said I would like Google to do better!

  14. when i do some thing related to traffic for my websites i always pay little extra attention towards topic because off relevancy of topic and content from other website put on your blog bring you towards spam.

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