Google Assistant’s ability to read web pages aloud adds 43 more languages

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Google Assistant is already becoming one powerful service on your device that serves a lot of useful purposes. The interactive feature, which has become one of Google’s most successful products in recent time has gained another wonderful functionality that is capable of translating texts into voice. The new feature, according to Google, will read aloud web pages in 42 different languages.

An article-reading feature is highly welcomed considering how many users will benefit from it. For users with difficulty in reading will very much appreciate especially as they only have to sit back and listen to Google Assistant do the reading for them.

“Think about how much you read on your phone every day: catching up on the news, scanning a new blog, finally reading the article that everyone is talking about. This may require reading a lot of text, which can be a barrier for people with visual or reading difficulties, or who simply need a little help getting through meatier articles.”

Here is how it works—and it is pretty easy to understand. Whenever a web article is displayed on your browser in your Android phone, you can say, “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read this page” it will immediately read aloud the content of the web page. Your browser will automatically scroll the page and highlight words as they are read aloud. You will also have the chance to alter the settings to determine the speed and choose from multiple voices. “Speaking of which, the web pages are read aloud in expressive and natural voices, aiming to use the same intonation and rhythm that you’d use if you were reading it aloud yourself.

If the original language is not in your native language, the assistant will trigger your browser to read aloud in 42 languages. You can use the translation menu to select the desired language, and all pages will be automatically translated and read out in that language.

The feature has already started rolling out to all users; and if you have not already started seeing it, then you may need to wait a bit since it normally takes time to go round.

Last December, Google added the interpreter mode to the Assistant on both iOS and Android, which gives you an additional means of communicating with your hosts when on a trip.

Already the Assistant has been helping travelers in terms of researching and checking into flights. Millions have also been using it to find local restaurant recommendations and many more. Now, with your phone [iOS and Android], you can have conversation with someone speaking a foreign language. If you are in Germany and want to a translator in the local language, simply say “Hey Google, be my German translator” or “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish” and you will see and hear the translated conversation on your phone.

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