Google Assistant now recommending recipes based on your dietary restrictions

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A new update that allows Google Assistant to recommend recipes based on your dietary restrictions has been launched. Per Android Police, a new section has now been added to settings on the assistant. “Food & Drink” section allows you to select the dietary restrictions you would like Google to take into consideration when recommending recipes with Assistant.

By now the update should have rolled out to all users; but you can still turn it off if you would rather not have the Google Assistant recommend recipes to you. Once the you have checked a few boxes in the settings, the assistant will provide you with a smarter selection of recipes based on your dietary restrictions.


A couple of months ago, Google added an important update to the Assistant that allows you to send reminders to your friends and loved ones. The functionality will let you schedule reminders to other people. The person, however, is expected to be a part of an opt-in group of trusted fellow Assistant users.

The feature is basically designed for families, and will work via the Family Group feature. The essence of this is to enable parents to send reminders to their children and also have reminders pop up on a mobile phone or a Google Assistant-powered Smart Display.

Demonstrating how the process works, Google explained to Nick Statt how a user can create a reminder with either voice or text and set it to show up at a particular time or to pop up when the recipient is at a particular location. The good thing is that you don’t have to keep repeating the process manually as you can set reminder to repeat.

You can also check a history of reminders previously sent to users or ones you have received and still have to attend to. With the usual “Hey Google” prompt, you can have all these sorted out—it works the same way as other Google Assistant features.

Just in case you are thinking of using the feature as a means of constantly bothering your loved ones and friends, Google says you are missing the point. The essence, according to Google, is to send notes of encouragement to loved ones. To ensure that the feature is not abused and in the process lose its purpose and objective, Google will give people the opportunity to block someone—apparently this is added to discourage spamming.

To set up the feature, you will be required to create a Family Group online at so you can manage your phone and Smart Display reminders. Only people within your Google Contact list can receive reminders from you. Parents, however, will need to create a privacy-compliant account through the Google Family Link Platform in order for children under 13 to be able to access assignable reminders.

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