Google Apps Receives Gmail, Google Docs Updates

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Google Apps Receives Gmail, Google Docs Updates

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Google rounded up on Friday several Google Apps updates on two of its popular consumer products – Gmail and Google Docs.

In a post on The Official Google Blog, Google Apps marketing manager Jeremy Milo said that teams behind Gmail and Google Docs enhanced the UI of both apps to change how users interact with them, as part of a regular series updates to streamline and simplify most Google Apps for each couple of weeks.

To answer several requests, the Gmail team implemented last Thursday an option to use inbox preview pane on Gmail Labs, allowing users to see email contents while scrolling down the list of messages.

Last week, people who are not so eager to have real-time email messaging received a hi-res Gmail mobile interface for viewing their Inbox on a hi-res display phone’s browser, and a pull down mechanism on the Message List to for checking new mail.

For Google Docs, the documents list got major interface improvements and new keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation, file creation and sharing, and more.

Other improvements to Google Docs include spreadsheet function snippets that automatically display matching functions, and an easier way to embed charts into documents and drawings.

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