Google announces that advertisers can now buy traditional TV advertising through DoubleClick

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Advertisers can now buy traditional TV advertising through the DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google has announced. According to TechCrunch, the search engine giant is pitching this as a way of managing TV and online ad campaigns from the same place.

Here is what Rany NG Director, Product Management; Google had to say in a blog post:

Historically, TV and digital advertising have been bought and measured through different systems and currencies,” Google writes. “By adding traditional TV buying into DoubleClick Bid Manager, we are taking the first step towards allowing advertisers and agencies to manage their video campaigns across digital and linear TV, in a more efficient and effective way.”

Google will be able to achieve this by integrating DoubleClick with other TV ad companies and products, including Wideorbit, Clypd and Google Fiber. Advertisers, according to Google, will then have access to both national and local ad inventory.

Four years ago, Google and Facebook agreed upon an amicable partnership despite bitter rivalry existing between the two online giants. Google at the time worked with the leading social networking company to provide Google clients a way to purchase retargeted ads on Facebook.

Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager, previously Invite Media, had taken part in Facebook’s FBX, a real-time bidding exchange and retargeted ads platform.

The agreement was to allow DoubleClick to turn into a more across-the-board ad buying software once it starts tapping into FBX, a key player only 16 months after it was launched.

DoubleClick has helped marketing agencies and advertisers purchase ads and ad space on several ad exchanges for quite a while now.

Up until 2013, the ad buying solution prevented exchanges from Facebook, but it forced a number of clients to jump ship and find other solutions for their media buying requirements.

DoubleClick allows its clients to access dozens of public and private exchanges in more than 75 countries, with the last quarter having the largest ad spending in its history.

Once the FBX integration turns live, DoubleClick will turn into a more comprehensive, one-stop-shop for purchasing ads on the Internet.

Google DoubleClick is the company’s ad-serving subsidiary that provides both agencies and media outfits the needed tools to target and track their online ad campaigns. Through the platform [DoubleClick Bid Manager], advertisers are able to control their problematic ad purchasing, creating and measuring campaigns across desktop, mobile, and video from a centralized dashboard.

“In addition, to help brands and agencies understand the effectiveness of their TV campaigns, we will be providing impact-based metrics in DoubleClick. For example, an advertiser will be able to measure the lift when someone searches for their brand on Google or YouTube after seeing their TV ad.

“Programmatic technology has already automated some of the manual processes associated with buying digital video, and with these new integrations we’ll be extending many of the same workflow improvements to traditional TV” Rany added.

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