Google Android Market Reaches 200,000 Apps

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google-android-market-reaches-200000-appsGoogle Android Market has already reached the 200,000 available apps mark and doubled its size in only a couple of months, statistics from show.

To back this achievement, more than 2.5 billion estimated application downloads in Google’s Android Market has been made.

Late October, Google confirmed that the Android Marketplace has reached over 100,000 available apps while this new report from AndroLib still needs confirmation from the same company responsible for the world’s most popular search engine.

Despite this new achievement by Google’s Android Market marking its rapid growth, the Apple App Store still sits atop with over 300,000 apps available for download.

Earlier this month, Google VP for Engineering announced daily activations reaching 300,000 Android devices when it was only 200,000 a couple of months ago where Google CEO Eric  made his own announcement.

Last month, reports from comScore indicated that Android eats up 14.9 percent of the smartphone market worldwide, increasing as much as 6.5 percent from the previous month of October.

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Author: Francis Rey

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