Google And Samsung ‘Big’ Announcement Scheduled For Wednesday

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Samsung, the world’s largest technology company by sales, and top online search outfit Google are now only two days off from their ‘something big is coming’ announcement in Hong Kong.

Google and Samsung 'Big' Announcement Scheduled for Wednesday - Google phone, Samsung Nexus Prime, Android Ice Cream SandwichThe announcement on Wednesday, originally planned for October 11 in San Diego, was put off because both companies decided it was not “the right time to announce a new product” after the passing of Apple’s Steve Jobs.

The coming event will specifically be held at the S221 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre at 10AM on Wednesday.

Previous reports highly indicate announcements for the next Google phone called Samsung Nexus Prime and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung already released a teaser video that showed a quick preview of what could be the Nexus Prime handset.

Google will also expectedly release Ice Cream Sandwich as a merger between the Android 2.3.X Gingerbread and the Android 3.X Honeycomb mobile operating systems.

Technical specifications of the Samsung Nexus Prime will likely include a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, a curved (as seen on the teaser video) 4.65-inch touchscreens with HD 720p resolution and 32GB of built-in storage memory.


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