Google ads ability to view saved password to Chrome for Android

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Google has just added a new feature that allows you to view your saved password in Chrome for Android. The new update is part of Chrome version 62 for Android; though desktop users have been using similar feature for a while.

According to Android Headlines, the new feature can be accessed when you go to the Chrome menu for Android and select Settings. From the Settings, simply navigate to Saved passwords where you will be able to view various websites associated with your saved passwords. Click on the individual websites to view your saved passwords to copy the piece of information you want.

Passwords can also be deleted by tapping on the trash button at the top right corner of your browser. However, access to click and delete a saved password will only be granted after you have confirmed your lock screen security credentials. Just to add that Google has disabled the ability to take a screenshot of the list passwords shown in plain text.

The new feature will finally bring to an end all issues that have to do with not being able to remember a password. Though, Chrome and several other browsers offer features that enable you to save your password, this one goes a step further by acting as an alternative to tools for saving passwords.

In other Chrome related news, the Business Insider reports that the digital ad industry has been thrown into panic mode over Google’s plan to cut off certain types of ads from its browser. The plan to block certain types of ads on its browser will be made possible with the addition of an ad blocker, which the search engine giant planes to add early next year.

The ad blocker will block ads on web pages that are annoying or intrusive. These would include videos that automatically play with sound and those that can take up the entire screen.

Some of the publishers who spoke to Business Insider express shock at Google’s plan, and are unsure of how things will turn out when the ad filter is eventually rolled out early in 2018.

There is a lack of knowledge right now and a lack of information from Google,” one of the interested parties Gefen Lamdan, senior vice president at Celtra, a company that helps advertisers manage which ads run where on the web told Business Insider. “It’s uncomfortable.”

A Google representative however, has some soothing words for both publishers and ad-tech companies, per the Business Insider:

Thanks to the Better Ads Standards, the ad industry has 12 ad experiences that we know annoy internet users and encourage people to opt out of ads entirely.”

Chrome has a long history of protecting users from annoying or harmful experiences. For example, like other browsers, Chrome blocks pop-ups in new tabs and shows warnings before malware pages.”

Time is ticking, and the next few months will provide a clearer picture of what the future holds per Google’s relationship with its ad partners.

You can share your views on the new Chrome for Android feature and Google’s plan to add an ad filter to its browser early next month.

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