Google adds historical Street View imagery to Maps on mobile

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Google’s historical Street View imagery is coming to both iOS, and Android. The company made the announcement on Monday in a move that will gladden the hearts of millions of users.

The Street View imagery feature is one of a couple of other updates announced to celebrate the app’s 15th anniversary. Google also announced that a new more portable camera that it hopes will make it easier for it to capture Street View imagery in the future.

The feature has been available on desktop for the past eight years, but users will now have the same opportunity to see how place has changed on mobile.

Talking about the portable camera that Google is set to launch next year, this will make it easier to capture Street View imagery around the world. With this, it will be able make more regular updates.

Currently, Google uses dedicated cars and large camera-equipped backup to photograph the world. The portable camera however, will capture 360-degree imagery.

We’re piloting a new camera that will fully roll out next year to help us collect high-quality images in more places,” said Ethan Russel, Director of Products at Google. “This new camera takes all the power, resolution and processing capabilities that we’ve built into an entire Street View car, and shrinks it down into an ultra-transportable camera system that’s roughly the size of a house cat. But unlike house cats, it’s ready to be taken to remote islands, up to the tops of mountains or on a stroll through your local town square.”

Google Maps is one of the most popular apps from Google. The app has continued to demonstrate its usefulness to users over the years. Last November, Maps hit 10 billion downloads in the Play Store.

That is a record-breaking achievement—only a few apps come close. Not many apps in its category come close? Despite being a free-to-use maps app, Google Maps boasts more features than a lot of premium ones.

Google Maps comes pre-installed as part of Google Mobile Services, it is impressive to note that this does not count for the Play Store downloads. The figure is frightening, and speaks volume of how highly thought of the app is.

Noted for its accuracy and regular updates, billions of people all over the world trust Maps for their day-to-day commute. Only a few Google apps can boast regular updates like Maps. The app is one of the most updated from Google, and keeps getting better each time an update is released.

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